Nutritional Deficiencies Test

Nutritional Therapy is a Science

As a therapist I may be working with a healthy individual in order to prevent disease, or with a sick individual to ease and minimise the symptoms of a developed disease. It is important to remember however that nutritional therapy cannot replace a medical treatment… but it can certainly complement it.

The scientific research behind nutritional therapy has allowed us to understand how food alters our gene expression and body chemistry. Food is much more than fuel; it carries information deep into our body’s cells triggering a response. This could be a positive response such as anti aging, or alternatively a negative response such as swelling and inflammation.

How it works

I work with clients to create an entirely email based relationship, which means that we can develop your program as quickly or as slowly as you require to fit in around your schedule, without having to book specific appointments.

The link below will take you to a questionnaire that will allow me to determine if you are experiencing any nutritional deficiencies through your current diet. It may be that you are experiencing symptoms related to a deficiency without realising. I will then be able to offer you personalised advice aimed at alleviating any associated symptoms that you have.

For example, did you know that indications of a Vitamin K deficiency are bleeding gums, easy bruising and slow wound healing?

Often it takes just that one question for us to realize that we haven’t been listening to our body and for us to discover just how easily we can turn things around.

It is important to know that we each process nutrients and toxins differently, although you may be exposed to similar foods and environments as an other person, the amount of nutrients and antioxidants that your body is able to absorb and process may be completely different.


Your personalized nutritional program based on your individual needs is S$50.

Click here to take the Nutritional Deficiencies Test.


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